I'm using the latest development version of PSPad. In older PSPad versions
(maybe a year ago), PSPad could automatically detect if a file was valid UTF-8
and if it wasn't, it would fall back to Windows-1252.

Then I think a year ago or so, PSPad would warn me on each file that wasn't
UTF-8 that is is, in fact, not UTF-8. Which is a bit of a pointless warning when
working with lots of legacy files that indeed are not valid UTF-8. So I figured
out that I can get rid of this warning by choosing the "autodetect codepage"
option, now PSPad no longer warns me on those old files but it seems to randomly
guess the codepage. Most of my files are old DOS or Windows files with European
character sets, but most of the time PSPad seems to guess that they use Eastern
Asian character sets. Is there a way to restore the old behaviour that PSPad
first tries to decode a file as UTF-8, and if it fails, it silently falls back
to whatever codepage *I* select, without any guesswork by PSPad itself?

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