The problem with changing my favourite codepage is that I want *my own*
newly created files to be all UTF-8 without BOM. So maybe a potential fix could
be to have two different settings for 1) default encoding to use for newly
created files and 2) default encoding to use for reading files with unknown

If you want to have UTF-8 as default, set it in the program settings / Files or
in your project settings.
In this case PSpad will automatically create UTF-8 files. 
But problem is there if your file doesn't contains any accented char, in this
case content of the UTF-8 no BOM file is identical as ANSI file. There is no
possibility to recognize if your file is UTF-8 or ANSI. 

If you want to be sure, I suggest to add few accented chard (above #128) into
comment. In this case all editors with autodetection will identify your files as
UTF-8 even there is no BOM

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