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> Wouldn't it be sufficient to run one Fossil instance for this purpose?
> Like in "eat your own dogfood"?

LOL! A skin-demo site could work if the anonymous user had the rights to
change the skin. i don't think that will work right now without giving
anonymous access to far more stuff (e.g. the css and header editors).
Perhaps we could add a new permission which gives a user access to the
skin-selection page. Doh, but then we have the problem that the skin is
global. We'd need per-login session data to support that (a feature we've
talked about a couple times but have no compelling need for).

Of course "keep you in the zone" does not make a lot of sense for a website.
> I simply like the colorset.
> If we had the skins/themes in a public repository, anyone could fork and
> contribute a high contrast version.

If you need a place to host such a repo, i can get one set up for you.


Was that an intentional reference to the "dogfood"? ;)

> Es kommt nicht darauf an wie du fällst. Sondern wie du aufstehst!

Was that the German translation of Batman's catchphrase in Batman Begins?
"What do we do when we fall down? We get back up."

----- stephan beal
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