2013/7/25 Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org>:
> If it does work, then I move for the immediate banishment of all __CYGWIN__
> macros.

Doing that will break four things:
- Accessing a check-out repository on Cygwin, while the previous check-out
  was done in win32.
- Allow usage of win32 paths (possibly coming from WIN32 variables) in fossil.
- Cygwin doesn't allow '\' in paths like UNIX does, or the behavior of
UNC paths.
- Cooperation of Cygwin with windows programs using sqlite (like TortoiseSVN)

> If it doesn't work, is that a bug in cygwin?

More likely, it's a limitation of Cygwin running on Windows.

Not seconded.

In SQLite various __CYGWIN__ #ifdef's can be removed if another locking
mechanism is put in place. Attached is the current patch the Cygwin
people use for their build of SQLite accomplishing this. But this only
works on Cygwin > 1.7.20, and it doesn't follow the SQLite coding
style, so it will need some more work.

      Jan Nijtmans

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