On 7/26/2013 01:15, Jan Nijtmans wrote:

For your other remarks, I suggest that you become a fossil
code committer.

I've yet to step beyond evaluating Fossil for use here. I like its features and how it works, but I think I'm going to be forced to use git for interoperability reasons. (We're currently using svn, and need to step into the DVCS world soon.)

Even if we did choose Fossil, we'd be using it on Linux, for the vast majority of checkins. Checkins from the Cygwin side would be under 1% of all our use.

Bottom line, I'd have little personal stake in these patches. Half-hearted patches make for bad code.

All I'm doing here in this thread is evaluating whether these existing code blocks make sense for Cygwin, and suggesting alternatives where they don't make sense. Someone who actually cares how and whether Fossil works on Cygwin should be doing the patches.
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