On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 2:04 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger <jo...@britannica.bec.de
> wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 01:59:14PM +0200, Stephan Beal wrote:
> > i don't yet understand the benefit of a delta manifest except that they
> > save a few hundred (or thousand) lines of F-cards.
> Exactly. This sums up a lot if you look at something like
> http://pkgsrc.sonnenberger.org. You can fetch a copy from
> ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/repositories/fossil/pkgsrc.fossil
> or various mirrors near you.

Ah, you and TCL are to blame ;). Yeah, i can see the benefit for that scale
of repo - a couple hundred lines of code is worth that (i don't think that
the delta handling actually takes up more than a couple routines). Now that
i have a delta in my sandbox repo, testing can move along. My thanks to you
and Isaac for the help.

[stephan@host:~/cvs/fossil/f2]$ ./f-resolve current
11f79a13dce4005d5446622f27801255b19989ea    1769 current

[stephan@host:~/cvs/fossil/f2]$ ./f-acat current | ./f-mfparse -f=- -r
Parsing this manifest: -
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:43:test_parse_1(): Manifest type=MANIFEST, rid=1769,
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:47:test_parse_1(): Trying to fetch baseline manifest
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:49:test_parse_1(): rc=FSL_RC_OK, Baseline=0x190c910
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:64:test_parse_1(): 88 files seen in manifest(s).
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:71:test_parse_1(): Trying to re-calculate R-card:
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:76:test_parse_1(): unshuffle rc=FSL_RC_OK
MARKER: f-mfparse.c:80:test_parse_1(): Re-calculated R-card:
Round-trip re-generated manifest (type=MANIFEST) from input file:
B 20b54357ebd080aa541fb8725fe687a22f054f8f
D 2013-08-18T12:10:24.622
F src/fsl_mf.c 60a24107e694f255f7d3077714cf403ebaa40f68
P 20b54357ebd080aa541fb8725fe687a22f054f8f
R 6f94927663f297a98d2b5ed40a0f9298
U stephan
Z aa128fb1baae44e252d16e5b1ae2e76e
Dumping mf to file [mf.out]

[stephan@host:~/cvs/fossil/f2]$ sha1sum mf.out
11f79a13dce4005d5446622f27801255b19989ea  mf.out


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