On Sep 21, 2016, at 2:06 PM, jungle Boogie <jungleboog...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have installed mingw32-base and the installed version is 2013072200
> and also mingw32-gcc-g++ with a version of 5.3.0-2

I don’t follow MinGW closely, but as I understand it, the mingw.org project is 
moribund.  The 2013 release date suggests you’re using mingw.org, but the GCC 
5.3.0 spec suggests MinGW-W64, a fork of MinGW that is actively maintained.

If you mix tool chains, you will of course have problems.

If you have Cygwin installed on the development machine, you must also keep its 
build tools segregated from MinGW’s.  I used this method, back when I still 
needed MinGW:


> make -f win/Makefile.mingw

That suggests Cygwin make, since MinGW called its make(1) tool mingw32-make, on 
purpose in order to avoid conflicts with Cygwin make, since the two 
implementations differ in many ways, the biggest of which is that Cygwin’s GNU 
make build uses $SHELL to interpret commands by default, while MinGW’s uses 

> gcc -Wall -Os -Lsrc/../compat/zlib -Isrc/../compat/zlib
> -DBROKEN_MINGW_CMDLINE=1 -c -o src/../compat/zlib/match.o -DASMV
> src/../compat/zlib/contrib/asm686/match
> .S
> match.S: Assembler messages:
> match.S:94: Error: invalid instruction suffix for `push’

That’s characteristic of trying to mix 32-bit and 64-bit code.  Given the path 
in the error message, I assume the source file is for IA-32, so if you’re using 
a 64-bit toolchain, there’s your problem.
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