Hi Warren,
On 22 September 2016 at 05:15, Warren Young <w...@etr-usa.com> wrote:
> On Sep 21, 2016, at 2:06 PM, jungle Boogie <jungleboog...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have installed mingw32-base and the installed version is 2013072200
>> and also mingw32-gcc-g++ with a version of 5.3.0-2
> I don’t follow MinGW closely, but as I understand it, the mingw.org project 
> is moribund.  The 2013 release date suggests you’re using mingw.org, but the 
> GCC 5.3.0 spec suggests MinGW-W64, a fork of MinGW that is actively 
> maintained.

Uninstalling both minGW packages and relying on cigwin/babun
(http://babun.github.io/) results in this build failure:

gcc -Wall -Os -Lsrc/../compat/zlib -Isrc/../compat/zlib
-DBROKEN_MINGW_CMDLINE=1 -o fossil.exe wbld/add.o wbld/allrepo.o
wbld/attach.o wbld/bag.o wbld/bisect.o wbld/blob.o wbld/branch.o
wbld/browse.o wbld/builtin.o wbld/bundle.o wbld/cache.o wbld/captcha.o
wbld/cgi.o wbld/checkin.o wbld/checkout.o wbld/clearsign.o
wbld/clone.o wbld/comformat.o wbld/configure.o wbld/content.o
wbld/db.o wbld/delta.o wbld/deltacmd.o wbld/descendants.o wbld/diff.o
wbld/diffcmd.o wbld/doc.o wbld/encode.o wbld/event.o wbld/export.o
wbld/file.o wbld/finfo.o wbld/foci.o wbld/fusefs.o wbld/glob.o
wbld/graph.o wbld/gzip.o wbld/http.o wbld/http_socket.o
wbld/http_ssl.o wbld/http_transport.o wbld/import.o wbld/info.o
wbld/json.o wbld/json_artifact.o wbld/json_branch.o wbld/json_config.o
wbld/json_diff.o wbld/json_dir.o wbld/json_finfo.o wbld/json_login.o
wbld/json_query.o wbld/json_report.o wbld/json_status.o
wbld/json_tag.o wbld/json_timeline.o wbld/json_user.o wbld/json_wiki.o
wbld/leaf.o wbld/loadctrl.o wbld/login.o wbld/lookslike.o wbld/main.o
wbld/manifest.o wbld/markdown.o wbld/markdown_html.o wbld/md5.o
wbld/merge.o wbld/merge3.o wbld/moderate.o wbld/name.o wbld/path.o
wbld/piechart.o wbld/pivot.o wbld/popen.o wbld/pqueue.o wbld/printf.o
wbld/publish.o wbld/purge.o wbld/rebuild.o wbld/regexp.o wbld/report.o
wbld/rss.o wbld/schema.o wbld/search.o wbld/setup.o wbld/sha1.o
wbld/shun.o wbld/sitemap.o wbld/skins.o wbld/sqlcmd.o wbld/stash.o
wbld/stat.o wbld/statrep.o wbld/style.o wbld/sync.o wbld/tag.o
wbld/tar.o wbld/th_main.o wbld/timeline.o wbld/tkt.o wbld/tktsetup.o
wbld/undo.o wbld/unicode.o wbld/update.o wbld/url.o wbld/user.o
wbld/utf8.o wbld/util.o wbld/verify.o wbld/vfile.o wbld/wiki.o
wbld/wikiformat.o wbld/winfile.o wbld/winhttp.o wbld/wysiwyg.o
wbld/xfer.o wbld/xfersetup.o wbld/zip.o wbld/sqlite3.o  wbld/shell.o
wbld/th.o wbld/th_lang.o wbld/th_tcl.o wbld/cson_amalgamation.o
wbld/fossil.o -lmingwex -lz -lkernel32 -lws2_32
cannot find -lmingwex
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
win/Makefile.mingw:1020: recipe for target 'fossil.exe' failed
make: *** [fossil.exe] Error 1

Do you have a few steps you can share on building fossil from source
on a Windows environment?

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