Hostile ? You don't know what it is hostility then...Someone who is a bit 
hostile won't write here unless he is a bit moronic in his mind...And of course 
he won't give any advice.
Of course he would tell everyone that Fossil is a very bad Team with a very bad 
product.May be you would like me to say that around ? Yes I can, but I may 
not.I am angry because Fossil knows nothing about marketing which is bad for 
any project...
I must admit it : I was wrong when I taught that Fossil have basic knowledge of 
And yes sir, it will be hard to try to convince people to use Fossil after what 
I've read.We both agree at least that you haven't read/didn't understand what 
I've said in my previous thread, have you ?
Serious people don't like pessimistic message, but I, like many serious people, 
prefer Truth even if it is said with very brutal and rude way.I guess what I've 
wrote is really brutal for you...

Of course, if you've got nice advice to all of us, at least for me, share it.

I've got an advice for you : because I am so wrong why don't you try to ask 
your friends in real life (not here) about this :"What do you think guys about 
a project who knows nothing about marketing ?"Or at least if you do think that 
it is untrue (let me laugh) ask:"What do you think guys about a project who 
knows blatantly about marketing ?"
And because you are SO honest then ask this :"Is the guy who have noticed that 
wrong or not ?"
Are you still honest with us ? Yes ? Then share it here...
Remember what I've said ? Everyone prefer the Truth.
To sum up what I've said in previous thread :Because there is no reason for 
people to use Fossil, then it is necessary to have a better marketing 
approach.A poll is a beginning of a marketing approach. Everyone seem to 
disagree with the poll I've asked.
Then I've given some good reasons why polls should occur, such as a compilation 
issue I've never seen before. And WE ALL see that there were few days ago some 
compilation issue with the Windows OS realm. Which is a shame in my point of 

Would you dare to say what I've sum up above ? I do recommend not, but it's up 
to you sir.

Best Regards


      De : Joerg Sonnenberger <jo...@bec.de>
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 Envoyé le : Dimanche 16 octobre 2016 14h27
 Objet : Re: [fossil-users] disabled due to excessive bounces (again?)
On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 03:27:02AM +0000, K. Fossil user wrote:
> Try to convince people to use Fossil after that : very hard.

Can you please take your negative and hostile attitude somewhere else?
It seems clear now that you have a number of problems on your side.
>From a mail server that doesn't work properly for whatever reason, over
a build environment you don't want tell us about to whatever random FUD
you are repeating based on unnamed coworkers. I'd kindly request you to
follow basic rules of productive communication. If you have a problem
and you don't want it solved, don't bother telling us about it. If you
do want it to be improved, it doesn't help if you don't tell us what it
actually is.

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