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> I am angry because Fossil knows nothing about marketing which is bad for
any project...

If I may paraphrase, Fossil's benevolent dictator has stated many times in
the past that the One True Purpose (TM) of Fossil is to serve SQLite
development. The fact that others find it nice for their use is a happy

I think the point of marketing can be interpreted a couple different ways.

One, in some organizations marketing drives development. This is done to
make more money or to try to be all things to all people. Since Fossil is
FOSS money is not an issue. Since DRH has a pretty clear vision of what he
wants Fossil to be, he explicitly does not want it to be all things to all
people. He's not opposed to allowed enhancements that he doesn't use
himself as long as they don't conflict with his core DVCS principles.

Two, pure marketing, from the perspective of informing people of the
option, is not a strength of most FOSS projects. Evangelism is similar but
different. I would state that Linus Torvalds isn't a great marketer either,
but that didn't stop the Linux kernel from gaining mind share. It just
happened to come at the right time and became huge IMO based on the FUD
surrounding BSD at the time. That git is popular is almost exclusively an
artifact of Linux popularity, not brilliant marketing.

In similar fashion, SQLite started as a solution to a problem it's author
was having. It was shared, and it grew in popularity. From a dev
perspective it's arguably not as interesting as Linux (there are more
subprojects of Linux for a dev to try to hack on if they want), but it has
gained mind share in its space. The fact that SQLite is a smaller scope
project than Linux parallels the relative mind share of Fossil vs git. Not
to mention the cottage industry of projects that exist to make git more
usable, which is arguably not as necessary for Fossil.

I don't believe you're trying to be offensive in your use of words, but I
have a hard time understanding how you think one email address having
difficulty with a mail list is a sign of a lack of marketing acumen. I
doubt it is a problem many people have. Would it drive away people?
Perhaps. Has it? It doesn't appear to have, but maybe this mail list is
preventing more people from engaging with the project than we realize.

If I might make a suggestion. Try creating a non Yahoo email account.
Subscribe from it. Configure it to forward to your Yahoo account, or to
have Yahoo pull from it. See if that solves the problem. Don't attribute
malice or incompetence. I think everyone would like things to just work,
but they don't always, and there can be too many variables for one person
to analyze in finding a solution.
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