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> On Sun, 16 Oct 2016 03:27:02 +0000 (UTC)
> "K. Fossil user" <ticketpersonnal-fos...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> > Hi again,
> > Ah I forgot something like this :
> > "Your membership in the mailing list fossil-users has been disabled
> > due to excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated
> > 16-Oct-2016.  You will not get any more messages from this list
> > until you re-enable your membership.  You will receive 3 more
> > reminders like this before your membership in the list is deleted.
> > "
> I would check all of the e-mails you have received and compare them
> with the archive on the mailing list site. It is possible that Yahoo
> is blocking the e-mails due to much mail (anyone from a Yahoo address
> will get a copy of the mails).

I have a similar problem from time to time on some lists. Note that my email is 
from yahoo too. 

On some lists I don't get my own messages, having "receive own messages" in 
mail list configuration set to yes.

Yahoo is slowing falling down...

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