On 9/20/17, Andy Goth <andrew.m.g...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm fine in Linux working from a loopback-mounted ISO9660 disc image,
> but in Windows 8.1 doing the same nets me the following:
> SQLITE_NOTE: delayed 1375ms for lock/sharing conflict at line 43312
> SQLITE_CANTOPEN: os_win.c:43319:(5) winOpen(E:\repo.fossil) - Access is
> denied.

Try setting the FOSSIL_VFS environment variable to "win32-none".  That
will disable all file locking on the repository (on windows), which
should be harmless in that the filesystem is readonly so that another
process cannot change the file out from under Fossil.

The equivalent for Unix would be "unix-none", of course.
D. Richard Hipp
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