Nothing happens.

By which I mean Fossil refuses to start, saying it sees no xyzzy here. So,
twice as much happens.

Therefore it is honoring my VFS change, and picking win32-none is not the
solution to my problem.

To reproduce, all that's needed is to set the repository file read-only in
Windows, then run "fossil ui".

On Sep 21, 2017 9:29 AM, "Richard Hipp" <> wrote:

On 9/21/17, Andy Goth <> wrote:
> I added "set FOSSIL_VFS=win32-none" to my documentation viewer batch file.
> This had no apparent effect. Is there another value I can give it that
> have a more dramatic effect to confirm it's being seen by Fossil?

set FOSSIL_VFS=xyzzy

Then run:  fossil status

You should see: no such VFS: "xyzzy"

D. Richard Hipp
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