On 9/21/17, Andy Goth <andrew.m.g...@gmail.com> wrote:
> To reproduce, all that's needed is to set the repository file read-only in
> Windows, then run "fossil ui".

So it is.  You can also repro by running a plain old "sqlite3.exe"
command-line shell.  Start the shell with no argument, then type ".log
stdout" to cause logging output to get to the screen rather than being
discarded.  Then do ".open readonly.db".

The problem is that the Windows VFS has logic that retries failed I/O
operations repeatedly before giving up.  This is a work-around to the
common issue of anti-virus software holding files hostage while they
are being scanned.

As an interim fix, can you recompile with -DSQLITE_WIN32_IOERR_RETRY=0
and let me know if that clears the problem for you?
D. Richard Hipp
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