I'm having trouble changing the time of a check-in using the Web
interface or the amend command.  Either way I get a good result in the
repository I amended, but it doesn't seem to sync right.  When viewing
on other sync'ed repositories, the amended time isn't always there.

With the test I just did, the corrected time showed up in the repository
I edited and the one to which I directly sync'ed, but it did not show up
in the repository to which the second repository sync'ed.

Many months ago I also had trouble with the reparent tag being
unreliable in the same way, to the point where I was forced to
laboriously reconstruct my history without the use of reparent.  I
wonder if any of the other amendment tags have the same issue.

In case you're wondering, my topology is a patchwork of always-available
network connections, intermittent VPN connections, temporary network
cables, and disgustingly manual sneakernet.  I'm immensely grateful that
Fossil is able to negotiate this environment at all; that's one of the
features that makes it a necessity I continue to fight for even despite
significant pushback.  No alternative exists, so I'll keep using it.

Andy Goth | <andrew.m.goth/at/gmail/dot/com>

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