On 09/21/17 20:48, Andy Goth wrote:
The second timeline has the corrected time:

=== 2017-09-22 ===
01:47:20 [03d8e85285] Edit [447719afb096a7d3|447719afb0]: Timestamp
          2017-09-21T20:47:15. (user: andy)
01:47:20 [7196e2f3c2] *CURRENT* remove xxx (user: andy tags: trunk)
01:47:10 [602cd20f89] initial empty check-in (user: andy tags: trunk)
=== 2017-09-21 ===
20:47:15 [447719afb0] add xxx (user: andy tags: trunk)
+++ no more data (4) +++

Oops, I didn't look very closely at this. Time zone issues, ugh. Did you know that Narnia doesn't have time zones? A round earth was not a very good idea.

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