On 09/21/17 20:48, Andy Goth wrote:
On 09/21/17 19:51, Richard Hipp wrote:
I don't have any idea [why] the tags are not working for you.

Try this sequence:

f new repo.fossil
mkdir ckout
cd ckout
f open ../repo.fossil
touch xxx
f add xxx
f commit -date-override 2018-01-01 -m 'add xxx'
sleep 5
TIME=$(date +%FT%T)
sleep 5
f rm -hard xxx
f commit -allow-older -m 'remove xxx'
f timeline
f amend -date "$TIME" prev
f timeline
f rebuild
f timeline

Has anyone tried running these commands yet? I want to see if anyone else can replicate my problem.

Correction: Replace "date +%FT%T" with "date -u +%FT%T" to avoid timezone problems.

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