On 09/07/18 16:31, Will Parsons wrote:
> On Monday,  9 Jul 2018 12:06 PM -0400, mario wrote:
>> As followup to last month` Show time.. discussion:
>> → http://fossilslideshow.tmp.include-once.org/
>> (Take in mind this ain't a mockup yet; just as example.)
> <snip>
>> Discussion
>> ==========
>> Is this something the Fossil homepage should have?
>> Any strong opinions or thoughts on image bloat?
> I *hate* this!  I find this sort of thing incredibly annoying on every
> <expletive> webpage that I've ever seen that contains it!  Please
> don't!

I don't like it. A more lighter and visual explanation could be done
with a bootstrap or Material Design Lite theme included in the Fossil
site if the current front page seems to textish, without going into the
slideshow explanation, which I find distracting and not responsible in
variety of screens. For example, gitea[1] and Gogs[2] both have a light
text front page without going into the slideshow route (which I think is
making more harm that good presenting ideas to the general public and
particularly in conferences, courses and the educational sector)

[1] https://gitea.io/
[2] https://gogs.io/



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