Mon, 9 Jul 2018 15:54:50 -0700 jungle Boogie <>:

> I think it's a good first step. Thanks for your efforts!
> The carousal might be a little too cookie cutter/modern for
> programmers/developers, but might appeal to managers of those people.
> What if the current 'What is Fossil' section had small graphical
> bullet points, kind of like with's various sections:

Hey JB!

That would have been my second choice. A slideshow is partly
tiresome to wait through, and might require overshortened

A few smaller pictograms in place of the <li> numbering might
look less out of place. Still could highlight the major featureset
for Fossil newcomers.

> I agree that there is a large wall of text - but all very informative
> - which would require the visitor to read for an understanding of
> Fossil, kind of a large commitment in today's minds IMO.

Of course. From our programmers point of view, the no-frills link
list is what you're looking for really. (I mostly find what I need
right on the homepage.)
Which is why I made this a cautious proposal:)


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