As far as I remember it's not possible to delete a user account in

We used to have a forum here with 65,000+ members and sometimes
hundreds of fake users registering each day (not robots, humans who
completed the captcha), so having to deal with that kind of thing with
fossil sounds scary if you cannot delete content and users. I didn't
read anything about the ability to plug in an antispam into that forum,
or any kind of rate-limiting either?

I'm also against the closure of this mailing list. I can't check out
every web forum out there every now and then, especially if they can't
keep track of what messages I've read or not and what threads I've
subscribed to.

But if the forum becomes the only place to discussion fossil it would
at least require the ability to subscribe to it by email and get all
the messages in your mailbox, including their full contents.

All in all, it is also a nice feature to have in Fossil but I think
it doesn't seem ready for real-world use yet.
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