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The fundamental difference between email and web content, is that emails are delivered to me

Only if you run your own SMTP server.

The vast majority of mail users *do* go out and specifically pull emails, either via IMAP or by visiting a web mail interface of some kind.

Don't take my words so strictly. Email are delivered to me, as in, to my email client, be it a standalone executable or a web email interface.

and once they are, they are mine.

If you want a copy of all of the Fossil Forum traffic, you can just sync the forum repo. If you do it on the same schedule your mail client polls its IMAP server or whatever, then you have the data just as quickly.

The important point is of my sentence above is that *all* of my email is delivered to that single place where I can organize it.

I can easily follow tens of mailing lists, because of this centrality of the delivered information. Do you think your workflow is applicable to anybody interested in following the discussions happening in more than 3 or 4 Fossil forums?

While I don't doubt that a forum is a nice feature per se, I just think moving Fossil mailing lists to a forum is going to make drh's life easier by avoiding email spam at the cost of making anyone else's harder by decentralizing where one goes and reads his daily batch of news and by dismissing a well established way of interacting online.

Change is hard. I like mailing lists. I like to have my unread count near my Fossil mailbox each morning and go through emails. I don't think I'll ever adapt to visiting even a handful of fossil forums daily to get up to date with the discussions going on.

Pietro Cerutti

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