On 04/08/2018 18:19, Stephan Beal wrote:
Outputting "no differences" to stdout would (IMO) be fine if automation had the option to use --quiet to surprise that.
Considering no one thought about this before I mentioned that "fossil diff" also returned nothing… it looks like it might not be that bad an idea to tell the user that an empty result simply means that no change was detected between the workspace file and the last revision in the repo. No reason to worry about the settings, short/long filenames, forward and backward slashes, etc.

But then, "fossil changes" returns nothing either, and it's coherent with the Unix philosophy.

Bah, it's a hot Saturday in the Northern hemisphere, we didn't spend that much time on the issue, and today's exchange should hopefully be reachable through Google for other users' benefit. Science!
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