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> Hello,
> Out of curiosity, why isn't Fossil split into the engine in a DLL and a
> CLI in an EXE, like SQLite?
> I'm only a casual programmer, but I assume it would have made it easier
> to build a GUI by calling functions within the DLL.
> At this point, it seems like all of the Windows GUI (Fuel,
> vcs-ramdebugger, Jurassic-Fossil) are abandonware.

Very, very long story very, very short: reimplementing fossil as a library
requires a massive effort. i started to do so back in 2013 or 14, but
chronic RSI effectively removed me from the programming world in late 2014,
allowing me only tiny scraps of programming now and then. (As of 3 days
ago, i'm officially an early retiree because of that.) Unfortunately,
fossil's addition, in the mean time, of SHA-256 means that libfossil is no
longer core-compatible with fossil and would require an unknown amount of
effort to make it so.

Search the mail archives for libfossil for the full story.


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