The new "forum" feature of Fossil is now live on the self-hosting website:

The forum feature is intended as a replacement for mailing lists like
this one. Though still very "beta", I believe in eating ones own
dogfood, and hence I am cutting over to the forum for Fossil itself.

There is a "subscribe" option on the link above where you can sign up
for email notifications to new forum posts.  The enhance email
notification should work just like a mailing list, with individual
emails for each forum post containing complete post content and
correct In-Reply-To headers.  The only major difference between the
forum and this list is that you must go to the forum website to post
new content.  New submissions via email are disallowed as an anti-spam

The Fossil homepage now has a link to the forum instead of a link to
mailing list sign-up.

Please discontinue use of this mailing list except as an emergency
back-up to the forum in case the forum stops working.  If forum is not
working, you can also send email directly to me.

After we have shaken out the forum feature a little further, I will
shut down this legacy mailing list.

D. Richard Hipp
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