Thanks, I am getting forum emails just fine now. What I am wondering is, what do I miss if I don't have a user account? I wanted to subscribe as a named user "philip_bennefall".

I also have a small suggestion about forum email notifications. In the From header, it only lists the email address so you cannot see who wrote the post simply by looking at the From name. The From header and the subject line is the only information I see in my email client inbox view so I have to open each message in order to figure out who wrote it. Normally I make a snap judgement as to whether I will read a message in a given thread based on the poster, so it would be great if the From header could say something like:

"username via Fossil forum"

Or something similar. Just a thought.



On 8/8/2018 3:10 PM, Richard Hipp wrote:
On 8/8/18, Philip Bennefall <> wrote:
I am still getting stuck on the registration screen due to the captcha.
What parts do I miss if I don't have an account for now?
I have added you as a verify subscriber.  You should be getting forum
notifications now, without the need to fill in the captcha.

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