Thus said Warren Young on Wed, 08 Aug 2018 11:45:09 -0600:

> > Will this ever be enabled? I prefer email over web forum posting.
> How  would  you  prevent  spammers  from  using  an  email  submission
> mechanism?

Most mailing list managers prevent  this by only allowing subscribers to
submit  emails.  I cannot  recall  the  last time  I  saw  spam sent  to

> I've got  an email address that  got onto the spamners'  lists despite
> only ever being published in a  short-run book distributed to about 50
> people.

If  your concern  is  that  email addresses  are  being harvested,  most
mailing list managers  have the ability to hide  sender email addresses.
Few of the mailing lists I'm subscribed to use this feature, but it does
exist.  I believe  even Fossil  tried to  use it  once, but  the general
feedback was that nobody liked it.

A better solution is for the subscriber to simply use a different email 
address for the mailing list---even Gmail supports email aliases.

> If we don't solve that problem first,  we'll be right back in much the
> same mess as today.

Replacing a mailing list with a web  forum seems to simply trade one set
of problems  for another. I'm  on dozens  of other public  mailing lists
that get a lot more traffic than Fossil Users does and there seems to be
no problems there...

Why don't  we leave  both in place  and see what  people prefer  to use?
Those who  are willing to  live with the  problems that come  with email
will express their preference by continuing to use email.

> Moderation doesn't help.  Someone could weed the  current mailing list
> archives, too.

Is the web forum now moderated? Does it help?

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