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> Error: Database error: table plink has no column named baseid: {INSERT
> OR IGNORE INTO plink(pid, cid, isprim, mtime, baseid)VALUES(2513, 2518,
> 1, 2458430.492028334, NULL)} Round-trips: 1   Artifacts sent: 2
> received: 0 Sync done, sent: 19777  received: 409  ip:
> Autosync failed.

Version 1.29 was released in Aug. 2014, a few months before the baseid
field was added (Nov. 2014):


You probably just need to run 'rebuild' on the server once (or on a clone
of it, then re-upload that clone as the main copy).

You haven't lost anything - it's just a question of getting the schema back
in shape.

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