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> Oh. That's really, really sad. I much prefer mailing lists to any web
> based forum.

Most of us do as well, but: bots and spammers are making it ever more
difficult to manage mailing lists. The forum can send you mail
notifications, but replying requires going through the forum. (i don't know
if there are plans to eventually support replies via email.) Unlike the
mailing list, the forum allows anonymous posts, but such posts are always
moderated before they're visible to the public. "So far" we haven't had any
spammers/bots on the forum, but that might be because it's not yet a big
enough target for them ;).

Well, times are a changin'...

We have the spammers and their bots to thank for that :/.

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"Freedom is sloppy. But since tyranny's the only guaranteed byproduct of
those who insist on a perfect world, freedom will have to do." -- Bigby Wolf
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