Thus said Stephan Beal on Thu, 08 Nov 2018 02:24:40 +0100:

> Unlike the  mailing list, the  forum allows anonymous posts,  but such
> posts are always moderated before they're visible to the public.

The mailing list actually does allow anonymous posts to a degree.

The From  header does  not have to  match the Envelope  FROM and  can be
whatever one desires, including a bogus address. All that matters to the
mailing list  software is that the  Envelope FROM matches what's  in the
MLM database.

I  exploit this  feature  by making  my From  different  from the  email
address that  is actually  subscribed to the  mailing list;  notice that
here my actual subscriber email address is never exposed:

If I had wanted, I could have put entirely bogus information in the From
and the MLM would  still send the email as long as  the Envelope FROM is
correct---only  the MLM  owner  knows my  Envelope From  and  it is  not
exposed to anyone.

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