How many people actually use fpc/Lazarus ? I was told there were thousands and 
thousands of downloads. Does this mean that there are this many people using 
it? Or is it being downloaded for for other reasons? If it is the former, there 
should be no shortage of people around to participate in forums and chat. Is 
enough being done to make people aware of ways to be involved in the fpc 

Fpc is an open source hobby project where people donate their time. Users of 
fpc should be encouraged to donate their time as well to help make the project 

One of the ways that they can do this is by helping other users in real-time 
chat. I suspect that many people who use fpc/Lazarus are either unaware of irc 
real-time chat, have been chased away by people sabotaging it or have been 
discouraged from trying it by people who want this project to fail.

When I first started using Lazarus in 2015, it was my understanding there was 
chat support. The irc channel was very helpful and I learned a lot of things. I 
never imagined that the chat support would ever cease to exist. What is there 
to prevent the same thing from happening again to the forums or mailing lists? 
So far as I can tell , nothing at all. I’ve had questions go unanswered in the 
forums before, so support from forums is not guaranteed. There should be more 
options for support not less. I had to figure out how to solve the problem all 
by myself with no help whatsoever. People who are less fond of fpc would 
probably just get frustrated and leave.

This would not be the first time that an online community that I care about has 
disappeared. A chat channel is much like a canary in a coal mine. It is small 
element in the project and may to some people seem to not do anything useful 
and be irrelevant and frivolous. It easy for people who don’t need it to not 
care about it disappearing. I assure you there are people who need chat and 
most of them quietly leave rather than complain. It’s not a good idea to look 
the other way as parts of your community start to disappear, even if you don’t 
want to participate in them they still are still vital.

People using project are more likely listen to the advice of developers that 
announce where the chat channel is than someone whom they don’t know promoting 
a channel. I want to let you know thatNickolay is both a Lazarus developer and 
the owner of #fpc on Libera irc. Nicolay is well known in this community. 
Everyone who appreciates the work that he does should help support his channel 
whenever they have a chance and hopefully chat with him when he is online. 
There is also the #fpc-dev channel on Libera to meet at.

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