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The line numbers in the error log refer to the lines in the incoming XML




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Subject: Structured FrameMaker 11 Error Console


I am performing testing in a Windows 7 environment with Structured
FrameMaker 11.


I am using an internally automated process that imports an xml feed into a
FrameMaker template and produces a formatted FrameMaker document.  The
FrameMaker 11 error console window that is displaying contains a long list
of errors.  This is my first time working with FrameMaker 11 and this error
console window. I have attached a screen capture of the error console with
the line numbering feature activated in the FrameMaker document.


I'm noticing that the error console window indicates the line number where
an error is occurring. I'm assuming that these line numbers correspond with
the line numbers that can be made visible in the FrameMaker document by
choosing the line numbering feature from the FrameMaker menu bar. Is this


Brenda George

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