Hi Chris,


It looks like the .ai file is getting rasterized in FrameMaker, and thus the
stair-stepping. Try saving the Illustrator version as PDF and import the PDF
into FrameMaker and see if you get better results. You could also try EPS.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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Subject: Graphic distortion in frame pdf


Attached are two graphics in pdf format: the clean source graphic (via
Illustrator CS5) and the resulting pdf output from framemaker (ver 10). 

Can someone explain how to fix the distortion that is occurring in graphic
in the pdf output?

I embedded the .ai file into the frame page and tried the "save as pdf"
(high quality) and "print to pdf" (standard) methods of output, but the
distortion occurs on both. I even tried creating a new frame file in case
there was something hidden in the original file I was using.

Any ideas would be appreciated.




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