Hi, all.

I am trying to import a graphic - with only four colors in it - (it is in EPS 
format) and am having some bizarre difficulties. When I view the EPS file on my 
Windows system using PS_view, it looks perfectly fine - even when zoomed in.

However, for some reason, the file comes into FrameMaker in a tiny 103 x 50 
resolution (I didn't see any option to rasterize it at a larger resolution or 
dpi?) and the result when zoomed up a bit, is horrible. The rasterized 
resampling of the few colors in the graphic results in an unusably bad quality 

If I externally rasterize the EPS into TIF using Photoshop set to NO anti-alias 
and with a resolution of 1800 dpi (I know this is a bit overkill, but I am 
trying to minimize jaggies along the curves of the graphic), it works! But the 
resulting TIF file is over 25 Megabytes and I would like to avoid that - should 
I try LZW compression when saving perhaps?

Also, I am using an older version of Photoshop (CS3) for this work, and after I 
rasterize into Photoshop at 1800, I cannot seem to find the option to save the 
file in PNG format. So, am using TIF.

Is there something about/in the EPS file to begin with, such that FrameMaker 
seems to want to rasterize it into a 103 x 50 image? Is there a way to change 
that "option"?


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