Thanks, Mike.

I think that Alison was just responding to my request to understand how to save 
as a PNG from Photoshop. :)

FWIW, this is just a simple 4 color corporate logo, so I am not too worried 
about using PNG format. As long as it shows cleanly in the output PDF of my 
documents (and printed output) without color artifacts, then I am good with 
using a PNG. At 1800 dpi rasterization, with a 1" high logo, any jaggies are 


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Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 5:25 PM
Subject: Re: Having problems with importing an EPS file into FrameMaker ...

If your EPS graphic is a vector drawing, I would not follow Alison's suggestion 
to save as a PNG bitmap. That will greatly degrade the drawing by rasterizing 
it. EPS handles vectors perfectly, resizing them without degradation. Of 
course, they still look awful inside FrameMaker-- because FM only shows you a 
low-res preview to save computer memory. But the vector will look perfect in 
PDF. Even if the viewer of the PDF zooms in, the vector will resize without 

Mike Wickham
On 3/6/2014 4:57 PM, Craig, Alison wrote:
As you have CS3, open the EPS in Illustrator and use the File > Export option 
to save it as a PNG.

Our web guy also says that in Photoshop you can use File > Save for Web... then 
use the PNG-24 option.



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