Wouldn't it make sense that an Encapsulated PostScript element (EPS file) would 
not print to a non-postscript printer (except the part of it that is 
non-PostScript, i.e. the preview)?

The benefits of producing output to a PDF from FM and then printing to your 
printer has been discussed many times on this list. I'm not sure why anyone 
would want to do otherwise (except by accident).


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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 15:57:24 -0700
Subject: RE: Having problems with importing an EPS file into FrameMaker ...

.... snipped ....
4.      But, printing to a non-Postscript printer directly from FrameMaker is 
horrible.a.      FrameMaker (or the printer driver?) apparently prints the TIF 
preview rather than rasterizing the EPS to the desired output resolution during 
printing. Yuck! :(...                                        

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