Removing the end-of-flow tag from the chapter head frame fixed the problem.

Re: Jeremy's suggestion, the frames are connected. That was a good thing to
check because perhaps it applies to my some-time-ago similar issue, yet to
be solved:

In another book, an unconnected frame's level 1 head appears in the TOC
*above* the entry for its chapter. There is no end-of-flow tag issue. This
frame could only be connected to the end of the chapter, if at all, because
it must appear on the chapter's first page and has a different format than
the main flow, which must continue to flow around it regardless of any text
changes in either (think of it as a diagram that is the full width of a
page whose main flow is a two-column format). But with or without
connecting this frame, I might have expected this level 1 head to appear at
the end of this chapter's other TOC entries, not as the last entry of the
previous chapter. The rightful location of this head in the TOC is the
second item below its chapter head.

Perhaps Wim's comment applies... this unconnected frame originally came
from another chapter and may have been the last frame added to this
chapter. Don't know how to alter time to change that ;-).

Thanks very much,

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 8:27 AM, Jeremy H. Griffith <>wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Mar 2014 08:08:00 -0800, Karen Robbins <>
> wrote:
> >The page includes one frame for the main chapter head only and one
> >frame--for the rest of the page--that includes paragraphs and
> >subsequent heads, including level 1 heads.
> >
> >I suspect that an errant end-of-flow tag in the chapter head frame
> >may be the problem. No idea how it got there, it appears in only a
> >couple of my chapters. The resulting TOC behavior is inconsistent,
> >but I will test to see if this, or something else, may be the culprit.
> Yes, if the paragraphs are not in the same flow, they will be in a
> sequence that is not the one in the screem. Make sure the frames are
> connected too.
> -- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
>   <>

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