I had an issue which may be similar.  My  problem was that one or more text 
frames were not in the main flow, even though Frame reported they were all in 
Flow A.  The solution I found was the following:

Open the Frame file with the problem.

Select the first text frame.

Select the second text frame.  It is OK if the first text frame is no longer 

Click on Format > Customize Layout > Connect Text Frames.

Regenerate TOC.


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Hello Framers,
Some time ago I wrote about a similar problem but didn't achieve a solution. 
It's happening again in a different TOC, so I thought I'd investigate more.
The last document in my book, like all the others, has a chapter head and level 
1 heads (four of them) that are picked up for a generated TOC. The chapter head 
and level 1 heads two through four all appear in correct sequence in the  TOC. 
But the first level 1 head appears immediately above its chapter head, as if it 
is the last level 1 head in the previous chapter. Why does this happen and how 
can I correct it?
In the document, the frame in which the misplaced level 1 head resides is not 
positioned above that of the chapter head. The errant head has the correct 
formatting. In the book TOC, all other level 1 heads appear in their correct 
There is no hidden overlapping frame AFAIK... I've already cleaned up the files 
to remove that sort of thing.

Thanks for any insight.

Karen Robbins
Frame, Windows 7 VM in Parallels

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