This zip method of extracting graphics is cleaner that the Word saveAs HTML 
method in that repeated graphics are saved only once and the dual versions 
(both png and jpg) get reduced to only the png files. The result in the end is 
the same set of graphics, but saveAsHTML is more work to get there. Thanks for 
reminding me of this Word "trick".

But beyond getting access to the graphics, I'm really looking for an efficient 
way to import all these graphics to replace the embedded ones without doing it 
by hand. So if anybody has a solution to that particular problem, please let me 
know. For instance, is it fairly easy to get Extendscript to cycle through the 
contents of an /images directory and place graphics sequentially into a series 
of anchored frames tied to a particular para tag format? 

Or is there an easier way?




    I don't know how to help you with the import issue, but I'll repeat
    a tip I got from someone else:


    To obtain all the original graphics files used in a Word .docx file,

    1.  Make a copy of the file.

    2. Rename the copy, changing the extension from .docx to .zip.

    3. Unzip the file.

    4. Locate the Media folder within the unzipped content; it contains
    all the graphics.


    Best regards,

Stuart Rogers


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