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There is no way to adjust the underline position in FrameMaker.




Rick Quatro

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I am trying to make some design changes to our machine manuals. Currently,
all graphics are in anchored frames that are placed within a special table.
They look great in print, but tables don't scale well if you plan to also
publish for use on a tablet. 

I have 2 problems. 

1) I would like to have a thin border around all graphic frames, but can't
find anything within the FM help menus that tells me how to do this. 

2) I want to have the figure capture underlined; however, when I choose
"underline" in the paragraph designer (not numeric), the line is too close
to the descenders in words containing g, y, p, etc. Is there a way to adjust
the position of the underline so that it is just below a character's

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