FrameMaker will run on a Mac only in a Windows emulator. Seems like
most people use Parallels. Here's their knowledge base article on
Retina displays:

The native resolution of my 15-inch Retina MacBook's screen is
2880x1800, which is about 220 ppi. If I switch it to that mode,
everything is unreadable and lots of UI elements are too small to
click accurately. This mode is occasionally useful for editing large
graphics when I don't have an external monitor.

The MacBook's default mode is 1440x900 HiDPI, which is 2880x1800 but
each UI element uses four times as many pixels for smoother fonts etc.

I don't find text sharper or more readable on the Retina display than
I do on a more standard-resolution external display.

I find text sharper and more readable with Windows and ClearType on a
standard-resolution display than with OS X and Retina.

The OS X UI provides only vague and coarse settings for this stuff.
SwitchResX is essential if you want fine control.

> On 4/15/15 2:26 AM, Austin Meredith wrote:
> Because of fading eyesight due to old age, I have been thinking about
> upgrading my hardware and software. I'd like to purchase a new iMac loaded
> with the Windows operating system, because of Apple's amazing brilliant
> precise 5K Retina monitor on which print appears so crisp, and then run
> FrameMaker 12 under Windows on that iMac. However, when I contacted Adobe
> about whether it was possible to run FrameMaker 12 at full screen resolution
> on the 5K Retina monitor, they responded that -- despite the fact that the
> 5K Retina monitor has been being sold for some time now, they have yet to
> test this!

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