Hi Kristy, 

if the Bold font is available and the corresponding character format is
defined and used correctly in the template, the only reason would be a
"AutonumCharFormat" defined in the EDD that overrides the template
(specifying a different character format). 
Of course, this would not explain why you can apply another formatting,
like Bold Underline... 

About the tables: I could try to answer a specific question, but my
range of experience with this issue is limited. 

Best regards -- Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Kristy Nolan: 

> Hi, fellow Framers - 
> I am working on cleaning up our EDD for our manuals, Frame 11. We have 3 
> types of alerts (note, caution, warning) that pretty much follow the same 
> rules, so are set up the same as much as possible. I have the caution and 
> warning doing exactly what I need them to do with Autonumber Format as 
> "Caution:" or "Warning:" and the Character Format as "Bold Underline." Since 
> I am trying to match (where possible) our Arbortext DTD and styles, I need 
> the "Note:" to be just Bold. 
> However, the bold is not showing up. I can change it to everything else, 
> including Bold DoubleUnderline or Blue, and it displays as prescribed. Just 
> not plain bold. Spacing all works, nesting/indenting works fine. What can I 
> be missing? 
> Also, if you are good at table format structuring and are willing to answer 
> questions, I am having trouble with those. Right now those are still just 
> done in my template through table designer with only the very basic set up in 
> the EDD. 
> Thanks for any advice anyone can give on this! 
> Kristy 
> Kristy Nolan 
> Manager Flight Ops Publications 
> Central Publications 
> Southwest Airlines 
> 214.792.6142

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