Hi, fellow Framers -

I am working on cleaning up our EDD for our manuals, Frame 11. We have 3 types 
of alerts (note, caution, warning) that pretty much follow the same rules, so 
are set up the same as much as possible. I have the caution and warning doing 
exactly what I need them to do with Autonumber Format as "Caution:" or 
"Warning:" and the Character Format as "Bold Underline." Since I am trying to 
match (where possible) our Arbortext DTD and styles, I need the "Note:" to be 
just Bold.

However, the bold is not showing up. I can change it to everything else, 
including Bold DoubleUnderline or Blue, and it displays as prescribed. Just not 
plain bold. Spacing all works, nesting/indenting works fine. What can I be 

Also, if you are good at table format structuring and are willing to answer 
questions, I am having trouble with those. Right now those are still just done 
in my template through table designer with only the very basic set up in the 

Thanks for any advice anyone can give on this!

Kristy Nolan
Manager Flight Ops Publications
Central Publications
Southwest Airlines


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