I've had differences of opinion and experience with others over the stability of FrameMaker 12 versus 11 (or previous releases). Stability appears to vary widely with different source files, practices, computing/network environment, etc. For example, I have a client who had a stable platform with FrameMaker 11, but is in tears because FrameMaker 12 crashes so frequently and unpredictably.

Historically, FrameMaker's sweet spot has been as a workgroup tool ... deployed to multiple seats within an organization. But Adobe has always sold FrameMaker as a desktop tool. And Adobe's insistence that "everybody migrate every 18 months" goes against workgroup requirements of stability and predictability.

Having said that, I like FrameMaker 12. I just wish it were easier to maintain workgroups on older versions (including availability of new licenses for older versions), for organizations that wish to maintain a stable, predictable environment and workflow.


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On 5/5/15 1:53 PM, Art Campbell wrote:
Just a $.02 contribution... but you may not be able buy 11, unless you're on a corporate license plan. FM 12 is faster and more stable than 11, IMHO, so you may want to go there for everyone, and 13 is likely to be in development.

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On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 1:11 PM, Jim Duszynski <jimduszyn...@skylineproducts.com <mailto:jimduszyn...@skylineproducts.com>> wrote:

    Happy Tuesday Framers!

    We are adding a writer and current have FM10. I want to buy FM10
    or FM11 but am not sure if FM11 is completely backward compatible
    with FM10. Can anyone verify that the FM working files are
    interchangeable between FM11 & FM10, with no special save to FM10
    steps? I know there’s a difference and I think that is DITA output
    with FM11 (Thanks to Klaus for the FM feature history!). I’d
    appreciate hearing from anyone who has been down this road before me.

    Thanks in advance!

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