Hi Jim, 

I wonder where you would buy FM 10 -- this is not available any more. I
have been looking for a license recently, but I could not find any. 
You can still get FM11, but not directly from Adobe... 

AFAIK it is possible to buy the newest version (FM 12) and to use this
license to install an older version ("downgrading"). You should ask the
Adobe support how it works, of course. This way you could stay with your
FM 10 workflow. 

FM 11 has some new features like the code view, or the line numbers, and
so on. Depends if this is useful for you.
(Alan Houser described them here:

Or maybe you buy one license of FM 12 for the new colleague and the
upgrade from FM 10 to FM 12.
In this case, you also have to consider that other people working for
you, like translators or typesetters, would be forced to change their
FM 12 still has problems with the CMYK output by the way, if I remember
the recent discussion here in this forum correctly (FM 10 works fine!). 

I heard that FM 13 will be launched next year... 


Anyway, both writers must use the same version. 

Best regards -- Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Jim Duszynski: 

> Happy Tuesday Framers! 
> We are adding a writer and current have FM10. I want to buy FM10 or FM11 but 
> am not sure if FM11 is completely backward compatible with FM10. Can anyone 
> verify that the FM working files are interchangeable between FM11 & FM10, 
> with no special save to FM10 steps? I know there's a difference and I think 
> that is DITA output with FM11 (Thanks to Klaus for the FM feature history!). 
> I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has been down this road before me. 
> Thanks in advance! 
> Technical Writer 
> (719) 884-3787 
> _"Don't write merely to be understood. Write so that you cannot possibly be 
> misunderstood." _(Robert Louis Stevenson) 
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