Mine was with xrefs - there was some memory leak involved with displaying the 
xref panel and if you used the scroll wheel on the mouse it would cause it to 
freeze, then crash.

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Subject: stability FM 11RE: Help Creation Flow and Upgrading from version 7.2 
to the latest version

The stability problems I saw with FM 11 were mostly related to Tracked Changes. 
I found that it would crash after a generate when saving the book file. It 
would save all the other files fine, but saving the book file would cause a 
crash. I found that open and saving the book as mif then resaving as a regular 
book file would allow a couple of book saves before the problem recurred.

The procedure I was following was:
Generate the book (twice)
Save all Files in book from the book using the Shift key option that allow that.
Close all files in book (again using the Shift key option).
SaveAsPDF from the book.

The crash would occur when the book file was saved.

FM 12 is definitely more stable. Don't use the updates beyond the second update 
(12.02?) if you need CMYK printing to work.

Thank you.



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