I do have a few keyboard short cuts that I use a lot, 

I will try to get them to give me another computer so I can download an 
evaluation version to play around with.

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Fundamentally, unstructured FrameMaker has changed very little. I've opened FM6 
in recent versions and had zero problems. New features have been added but old 
things all work pretty much the same.

FM8 switched to Unicode. Anything using the old Zapf Dingbats that was bundled 
with FM will need to be redone. Any other symbol or dingbat font may need 

FM9 introduced a new UI layered on the old one (when you drill down, you may 
still see dialogs unchanged from FM5), which broke a lot of keyboard shortcuts, 
many of which they never fixed. If you're used to driving everything from the 
keyboard and never touching the mouse, you'll probably hate it and have a bad 
month or two getting used to constantly using the mouse.

FM12 added the core features from RoboHelp (look for "multi-channel publishing" 
in the docs), so you probably won't need to upgrade ePublisher or buy RoboHelp.

On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 2:53 AM, Caroline Tabach <> wrote:
> At the moment we are using FrameMaker 7.2 and ePublisher Pro version 
> 9.2 to  create PDF files, and a collections of help files which are 
> mostly html,  with 2 or 3 .chm files
> The applications mostly run on Internet Explorer (and the .chm files are for 
> the 2 that are not over IE).
> I would like to upgrade our applications as they do not really run on my 
> current operating system and because I want to also produce more modern 
> output.
> I need to make PDF, ePub, Responsive html and .chm.
> What do you all recommend?
> Is FrameMaker 12 enough to use stand alone?
> Do I need ePublisher Pro or RoboHelp?
> How would I go about importing my Frame 7.2 files into Frame 12.
> Does it support them or would I need to save as MIF and then open the MIF 
> files.
> I have quite a lot of user guides.
>  To what extent will FrameMaker let me change the design?
> What is the learning curve from 7.2 to 12?

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