On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 12:41 AM, Shmuel <shmue...@gmail.com> wrote:
> FM9 broke some keyboard shortcuts but in FM11 they work again. (I skipped
> over 10, so I don't know about 10.)

Here's my list of bugs from FM10 (I had most of these problems with
FM9 but didn't have to use it enough to bother making a list), have
they all been fixed?

1. Document window size and position are not saved.

2. Docked panels often appear behind the document window, and I have
to resize, minimize, or close the document window to use them. Since
window size and position are not saved, I have to resize them dozens
of times a day.

3. Sometimes I have the opposite problem: the side of a window is
completely blocked by the character or paragraph tag catalog, so I
have to minimize, close, or move the panel before I can resize the

4. When I open a panel, sometimes it appears behind another panel
that's already open, and I have to move one or the other before I can
use it.

5. The first time I press Ctrl-f, I can just type the search string,
but after that the focus within the Find/Change seems to be random, so
I can't.

6. After a book has been open for a while, it no longer responds to
menu commands. I can double-click files to open them or use the
right-click menu, but if I try to select a menu command such as Edit >
Update Book or File > Save As PDF the book window minimizes and is no
longer active. The only workaround I've found is to close and reopen
the book window, which I end up doing dozens of times a day.

7. A separate FrameMaker button appears on the taskbar for each file
that's open.

8. The FrameMaker console window appears behind the application
window. Bringing it to the front is sometimes difficult.

9. When I first start FrameMaker, Ctrl-F6 switches between open
windows. After a while, it stops working. (I can use alt-key menu

10. Alt-key menu letters are not displayed for all menu commands (e.g.
Documents on the Window menu).

11. If I Alt-Tab to FrameMaker from another application, pressing
Alt-Tab again takes me to another FrameMaker document window (if more
than one document is open) instead of back to the other application.

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