Thanks to all who made suggestions for the use of transparent graphics.  Even 
when using a clipping path in an EPS file, we had trouble with the thin line 
around the image border.  We eventually decided to add the product image and 
the background logo as a single combined image ... because we can control all 
of the settings and variations within Adobe Illustrator.  This does complicate 
our process just a little bit, but we get what we want.


Still FM12 on Win7 PC

Why do keyboard commands sometimes get ignored?  I like keyboard cmds such as 
[Esc] [m] [p] to minimize an anchored frame around a graphic image.  When the 
PC is freshly booted and FrameMaker is freshly launched, this usually works.  
At times, however, keyboard commands are ignored.  This also is true for 
commands such as [Esc] [Spacebar] [n or m] for en and em spaces, and [Esc] [-] 
[h] for non-breaking hyphens.  It takes a reboot of FM software AND the Windows 
OS to get this feature to work ... but only sometimes ... at times I just need 
to wait a few days    8-(    ARGHHH !

In contrast, commands such as  [Ctrl]+[q]  [Shift]+[p]  provide an en dash even 
when the Escape commands fail.

Your advice is always appreciated.  I have been on the digest since FM 4 and 
enjoy the information as well as the banter.


Ed DeRosier

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From: De Rosier, Edward 
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 10:42 AM
Subject: FM12 Transparent Graphics

Hello Framers,

We are using FM 12 (TCS 5) on Windows 7 PCs.

When we add a product image to the body page, the white background of the 
product image masks a portion of the background image.   We have tried images 
(referenced from a common image folder) of the following types:  Adobe 
Illustrator (*.ai), Adobe Photoshop (*.psd), *.png, and *.eps.

Even though we have carefully created knockedout images with transparent 
backgrounds, we have not been able to avoid the masking effect.

Thank you,

Ed DeRosier
Technical Writer
Anritsu Company, Morgan Hill, California, USA


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