I'm using Frame 8 on Win7 and occasionally the keyboard shortcuts (standard and custom) stop working for me too. As yet, I haven't found out why. I have to restart Frame to get them working again.



On 4/06/2015 4:32 a.m., De Rosier, Edward wrote:
Hi Craig,

Thanks for the information.  It is interesting that CMYK and RGB choices make a 
difference in the internal handling of graphics by FM.

The failing keyboard commands have been going on for several months now, and I make sure 
the caps lock key is not on.  I have been learning workarounds, even going so far as to 
saving a file with special characters (e.g., non-breaking hyphen) so that I can copy and 
paste.  I have even used the search and replace to use the "\+" to replace 
regular hyphens.

The problem is seriously annoying.  FM was extremely stable before Adobe added 
the new interface with pods.
  I don't mind the new interface, but I would prefer stable and predictable to 
fancy ... especially unnecessary fancy.  Oh well ...

Thanks for your input,



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