Hi Craig,

Thanks for the information.  It is interesting that CMYK and RGB choices make a 
difference in the internal handling of graphics by FM.

The failing keyboard commands have been going on for several months now, and I 
make sure the caps lock key is not on.  I have been learning workarounds, even 
going so far as to saving a file with special characters (e.g., non-breaking 
hyphen) so that I can copy and paste.  I have even used the search and replace 
to use the "\+" to replace regular hyphens.

The problem is seriously annoying.  FM was extremely stable before Adobe added 
the new interface with pods. 
 I don't mind the new interface, but I would prefer stable and predictable to 
fancy ... especially unnecessary fancy.  Oh well ...

Thanks for your input,


From: Craig Ede [mailto:craig...@hotmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 7:26 PM
To: De Rosier, Edward
Subject: RE: FM12 Transparent Graphics PLUS New Question

With FM12 through update transparent graphics worked for me if I 
printed to CMYK. It takes longer but works. I had two graphics with clipping 
paths that I was using on top of a patterned background. I never saw thin lines 
around the borders either.

With the later FM12 updates CMYK caused some graphics to disappear entirely so 
that made CMYK printing impossibly chancy. RGB worked fine but lost the 

I never had problems with Esc-m-p except when the caps lock key was 
accidentally on or when neither a graphic or an anchored frame weren't 
selected. Worked every time for me. Same with non-breaking hyphens, so maybe 
your caps lock key is on. Can't comment on the en and em spaces.

Good luck,


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